I just know there are a hundred things I wanted to write about. They can be seen floating around my head waiting for an opportunity to be chanelled through the tips of my fingers. Also I wanted to keep it short but for that to happen I would just need to blog everyday… Which is not the worst idea I ever had – I certanly could use the practice.

It would come in handy because a decision was made that I’m going to make money of blogging. Why and how? Because I move around too much to be able to hold a steady job and, well travelling is my passion. Sooo, making money online would be a perfect solution. Or any kind of other way that wouldn’t require me to stay in one place for long. How? Not a clue…yet. For now, I’m just putting it out there, raising awarness, etc. Well, actually, I have been doing something about it. It was, ironically, when I wanted to watch a video by Abraham Hicks about how to get more money into my life experience.

However, before the video started there was a clue from the Universe in the form of an add, from a guy called Stuart Ross and his Six Figures Mentors company, talking about making money online while he paddled away on the waters of some paradise island. You can check it out on their website. What was told in this video intrigued me enough and led me to subscribe to recieve a course of seven free videos that would explain how to make money online. I watched them all and it didn’t really. Not in much detail anyway. For that I would have to pay a fee. Which I get. They wanna make money as well and I guess 30$ is not such a big deal if they really are gonna teach me how to achieve what I want. I mean I could do the research myself and go completely into DIY mode, but really, I think it’s just easier if someone more experienced explains and guides me towards that. However, it did make more convinced that yes, there are people making a living…no, no, make that a killing – online. The videos did introduce basic concepts of MMO (making money online) which made me believe it’s something quite possible for me. I already have a blog (sort of a website) and I already have my own domain – unactive at the moment – and I am able to type, make posts etc, etc. Now… how the hell do I MMO?
That’s where the whole concept of having a guru became intensely clear to me. As you probably know, for every thing that you want to do, there is probably somebody somewhere that has mastered it. And if you go to this person and he’s willing to teach and you’re willing to learn, the time between being a n00b and your own mastery can be cut short dramatically. I know that the “guru” term is usually connected with some sort of spiritual practice. But why not for making money, cooking, riding a bike or sewing or whatever, basically. Though a far as i understand, a guru would also SHOW you how to use information in practical ways. He/she would get more involved with you on a personal level and through time molded you in the way you want to be molded but might even not have the idea that you do.
So what I want to say is, I don’t mind paying a bit of money to support somebody and the system he put in place to help me make money that I need (and want) to support myself while I go about living out my passion for living. Hey I did keep it kinda short 🙂


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