Richie Rich

Well hello there! Who wants to get rich? Well you came to the right place because today I am giving away free information on how to do it 🙂 Yes, you’ve heard it right! I’m not gonna make you rich because you can do that all by yourself. Don’t expect me to give you fishes, though. The information will merely teach you how to fish. Interested? Yes? Read on 🙂

Remember the MMO post, SFM and all that? Well, they’ve been really busy with sending me emails with videos on this and that but mostly how I can shape your life in the exact manner I choose to. In the beggining I’ve skipped most of them because I was under the impression they’re just trying to sell me their whatevers. Which they are, of course, but not “just”. It seems to me, more and more, through watching the videos, that they genuinely want to share easier ways to make money. And to my surprise, they’ve included a free pdf copy of a book that explains how to become rich. Rich not only in the financial sense but as a wholesome person with a body, mind and soul.
I’ve gotten familiar with such teachings through Abraham – Hicks publications and they’ve helped me to understand why my life is the way it is emensely. However, I was always a bit weary of money, making a lot of it and having a lot of it… I kinda grew up with a belief that it’s a bad thing and that only greedy, cold-hearted people have it. On top of all that, it doesn’t make then happy. Well guess fuckin’ what? Neither does not having enough of it. This book explains it perfectly. There are two basic ways of getting rich. One is the competitive way an the other one is creative. It sounds vaguely similar to the whole dark side/light side saga. Anyway, the competitive’s creed is that resources are limited, therefore we need to compete to get them and once we have them, nobody else should get their greedy selfish little hands on them as well. Because there’s not enough to go around for everyone a.k.a. F.E.A.R. (false evidence appearing real). Basically, it’s the mind set we, as a society, mostly live in today. But if nobody ever told you yet, this is an ever expanding, benevolent universe in which there can never be a lack of anything for people that understand and apply it’s eternal laws consistently. True, you might be to late prosper from any of the already established bussines niches but new desires and ideas are being put forth every day so you needn’t wory. I actually work in one of them which I will describe in greater detail in an upcoming post. And that is the basic atmosphere of the creative way of doing things – there’s enough to go around for everybody so just chill and let it happen. That, as is perfectly explained in the book, doesn’t mean no action needs to be taken or no work needs to be done. The difference here is that is stress free and the way it was meant to be – joyous 🙂 That also takes away most of the diseases, bad relationships, tense situations etcetc. The process definitely works but you need to understand it and apply it rigorously and consistently. Not the easiest thing when you’re starting out, but with practice you get more and more confirmation. And yeah, this is coming from a guy flat broke at the moment, but as the book will tell ya what is (appearances) are not as important as what will be. And what will be is what you will be focusing on… Aaand other cool stuff like that 🙂 There really is just a few rules that we need to follow in order to get the succes we desire. And the book is only 77 pages long for Christ’s sake! It’s gonna take a couple of hours of your life which will change your life in ways you can’t even imagine(yet). I can only hope you’ll read it and make use of the information in it. Because making the most of yourself is the highest service you can yield to mankind.

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