Firstly, I made a video as a response to a video. It failed to upload so here it is in writing, more or less. Normally I wouldn’t care and would just let it slide as another one of the outrageous trouble dumb people cause. Or better yet, I do form some kind of an opinion which then ends up cluttering my disk space as a draft. But once in a while it”s quite fun, so let’s roll.

I wouldn’t even know about this attrocity if it wasn’t for a certain email which, I guess, does exactly what the author of the video aimed for, causing, however, side effects he couldn’t have planned for. Unless his plan was to bring more footfall into Starbucks coffee shops. But that couldn’t be as in the video, Joshua whatshisname
is trying to convince us to trick the company because of…what, again? The latest holiday season cups? Apparently the plain red color of the container is not to his likeing as Starbucks decided to omitt “Merry Christmas” (not for the first time). And this, according to Mr. Joshua Dumbass Feuerstein here, is how Starbucks is taking Christ out of Christmas…or something. I’m not gonna judge the wrongness or rightness of the video or the point you’re trying to make Joshua. Or am I going to try to understand the unrelatable. You’re free to be as stupid as you like. But there is this one law of the Universe that you might wanna pay attention to.
I’ll bet you right now, Starbuck’s is sending your video to everybody they freakin’ can with the caption: “Please share, incredible free publicitity!” Since you’re kinda internet famous you’ll be aware that many, many people will watch this (a desire clearly expressed), share it, talk about, write about it, make opinions, support their opinions, fight for their opinions, argue with different opinions and indulge themselves in all the usual time-wasting bullcrap people of lesser intelligence enjoy doing with their valuable lives. Again, their freedom of choice. But get this. In all of this “cup war” thing, Starbuck’s name and logo are going to be mentioned a gazillion times. It’s showcased in your video for at least a minute. Are you getting payed for this by any chance? But hey, why would you, when you’re doing it free of charge. Don’t you know, Jonathan? There’s no such thing as bad publicity… Basically, what you’re doing is promoting the very thing you want to prevent (which is what, again?) and you’re fighting against the “oppressor” and every bullet you send it’s way just makes it bigger, stronger and less likely to give a fart’s fuck about you and your video. I guess I’m doing the exact same thing with this post and it’s why I don’t normally do it but it’s kinda fun in a weird twisted way! Maybe that’s why you did it Jonathan? Cause it’s fun and easy to talk shit? Whatever the reason, you’re feeding the monster, flowing and focusing the Energy that creates worlds right into you’re nemesis’s lap and they’re smiling and counting the extra dollars your uneducated wallnut of a brain is sending straight into their coffee shops. And you know what they’ll use the extra cash flow for, Jonathan? They’re gonna make the biggest worldwide Christmas party ever to be seen on planet Earth and you’re not gonna be invited. Jesus is gonna be there telling everybody how he doesnt care as he was jot even born on the 25th of December. Haha 😀 Ok, ok, my imagination got the better of me here but then again, I guess you’d now all about that, wouldn’t you? My advice to you is to simply shut the fuck up, take down the video and go about your day like any other decent human being with real problems. Or just listen to the song bellow and chill the fuck out.


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