The day I learned how music is listened to

Music has always been a substantial part of my life. Mostly listening to it, definitely dancing and some shorthanded attempts at making it – patience for learning an instrument is not one of my strong points (or patience for that matter). Maybe it’s because I keep trying to learn it all by myself, thus missing the integral part of making music altogether – sharing.
However, a couple of years back, it became painfully obvious that there is a certain level of enjoying music that I just couldn’t seem to aspire to. I watched him do it countless times. Listening…just listening with that pure joy and awe, exploring and researching the world of sound. Learning an instrument with a persistent dedication I can only seem to muster for the act of breathing. It just kept nagging on me. That little annoying voice inside that tells me (that is me) all the really good stuff I oughta be thinking and doing but I ignore oh so willfully. Well as you might know, that little fucker never gives up and it kept me wondering what the hell was it I was lacking? What was it that made him enjoy Ray or Elvis or Pink Floyd that extra much? What was I missing? It has finally dawned on me a couple of days ago.
The calendar club thing that I do every year comes in two basic forms. It’s either a mall unit, a kind of a stand in the halls of a shopping centre, or it is a proper shop with display windows that kids like to smear their dirty little fingers on. While the mall unit is, musically wise, left to the mercy of the centre’s DJ (dear god!), shops are provided with a CD player. It can get loud but the quality is crap. Besides, listeinng to the same 3 or 4 CDs every day, for 9 or so hours for two months is hell enough without the thing sounding like it’s being tortured. So I conjured in my mind a plan. If I was to get a bluetooth speaker, I could stream music from my Google Music app thing and change it to whatever I feel like when I feel like it – keeping in mind, of course, te eclectic mix of personalities and tastes entering the shop. I know it might seem I’ve strayed from the topic but bear with me, please.
Here is where my revelation comes in. I addmit that I am an impulsive shopper. It has to be this way because going through countless items, comparing features and prices and shit ain’t my idea of a time well spent. Soo, when I see something I know it’s what I want I gotta go for it. That saves me a lot of time which I can than use for daydreaming and being a lazy good for nothin’. So, okay, staying on track here, I saw the speaker, I payed for the speaker, connected it, played some tunes and got my face melted.
It was kinda pricey, but to tell you the truth I would now have probably payed twice as much without fliching and would have no problem donating a kidney. That’s because Bose SoundLink mini is The Shit. If you’re familiar with the company you know what’s on the table here and if you’re not I strongly suggest you cough up the extra dough and get yourself some serious sound equipment. I mean, this thing literally changed the way I listen to music. It made me hear that just listening to music is something well worth my time and is not just something to accompany the everyday. And not just the sound quality. The whole thing is goddamn well made! It connects with zero issues, loud as fuck (for the size), the bass is unreal and the sound is sharp. Yes, a bit on the heavy side but lifting weights has never sounded better.
In the end, I don’t know if having proper equipment allowed my friend to appreciate music that extra mile but it sure as hell worked for me. In fact, my New Year’s resoution has come to be taking more time to listen to music. On my Bose speaker. In the forest, lounging in the wheelbarrow or pulling an all night dance party amidts the trees overlooked by stars. For about 6 or 7 hours at the time. ‘Cause that’s how long the batteries last. Happy New Year people, I wish you find your way to make 2016 count.

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