That better satisfy your curiosity :P

So there’s this girl that seems to be really curious about me and has asked me to tell her a bit more what has been happening since we last saw each other. While I was responding I thought, hm, I guess this would also be a nice update on the blog. You know who you are and since you’re following, consider this a response 😛

Well c’mon, give a guy some time to acclimatize and get his head around new situations he’s facing 🙂
Soo, I’ve been “home” for a while now, trying to keep it together while living with my mom in a small apartment taking care of the things she cannot handle because of her injury. So it’s been, I would say, hard and tough and a real challenge. But I’m a drama king so I suppose it has only been difficult and slightly unpleasant. Things are looking much brighter now, although I kinda feel like I’ve moved from Ireland to Slovenia with a bit of money saved and am staying with a friend (mom) and looking for a job and my own place, haha. Sounds familiar? At least it was bright, dry and sunny (you remember the Sun, right?) during the first two weeks of my arrival so I had that going for me 🙂 What keeps me going now is a photography project I have in mind, new and exciting people I will meet at the best radio in Slovenia (and most likely among the best in EU), where it seems I have landed a job. Well at least I made it through the first circle of auditions. Judging by what was said about our future in the next six months at yesterday’s meeting, I’ve got 8 more to pass till I reach heaven behind the mic. The radio is called
What else? The little Bose boom box you might remember from the evening you helped me out with the shop (thanks again for that-there’s no way I would’ve been ready on time) has proven to be my “Best buy for 2015” (and probably 2012 and 2013 as well). I just cannot over glorify this simple yet powerful piece of sound machinery that I can reposition anywhere in our flat – even the bathroom which is, surprisingly one of the best places to listen to music – because no one bothers me until it’s really necessary 🙂
After this season with the calendars I’ve decided that I want to eat better food. I was sceptic and reluctant towards bio, eco and organic foods, thinking they’re just a clever way to double the prices of the same products. However, since I’ve done some digging, researching and eating, I’ve realized that, yes, it’s double the price but at least triple the nutrition. I couldn’t say that I save money but I definitely feel much better. Frankly, processed food makes me sick. It follows from this premise that I need to get more serious about the garden I never took quite seriously before and just let my grandmother handle it. I’ve also noticed that I cannot handle dairy products anymore. Maybe yogurt and a bit of milk but definitely not cheese. My nose blocks up almost instantly as well as a ball of mucus that forms in my throat and annoys me for two days at least. I never gave veganism much thought but it seems that my body has decided for me.
What else? I miss living in the forest… A lot… so I’ll do what I can do finally have a little wooden cabin this year. I’ve been saying this for the past five years now and am not convinced that this is my true priority anymore. But I’ve labelled it as a “must” and “no matter what” and “just fuckin’ do it already you lazy good for nothing”. What I’m thinking is having somebody else pay for all that. EU, maybe. There’s gotta be some kind of eco funding or an Erasmus project or something of this kind. But I’ll let the Universe worry about that. I recognized what i want so my job is done here 🙂
That would be all for now, if you wanna know specifics, ask specific questions. Or on the second thought…maybe not 😛

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