Laziness galore


I’ve been reminded today that a blog post is way overdue. Not that I have a schedule to keep or a plan to maintain. Hmm, well I do actually but it’s not really in a dated format. It’s more like a feeling that I get. I have naturally grown into a certain rhythm which does not need an alarm clock. Or the alarm clock is a fellow radio apprentice asking me where I publish my photos. It’s just a feeling that I get and if I don’t follow it up I miss on an opportunity of enriching my life.

Which happens quite often because I’m lazy. I know it, love it and use it. That means that if laziness is the problem it also holds in itself the solution. I could first edit aaall of the 561 photos I just got back from developing my films, choose the best ones, carefully plan a blog post… However, it takes time that has recently become a luxury. All of sudden there’s so much to do… Didn’t even now I’m involved in so many things. Anyway, cutting the bullshit, certain photos have stood out.



Skateboarding has been my love since 15 years of age and has continued to this day. And because what I really love makes for the best photos,  I’m not surprised these turned out well. Maybe on how well they turned out. Ok, enough chit chat, lets go visual.


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