1,6 photos a day


Like, I am fuckin’ in love with film and analog cameras. I love their simplicity of use. I love the slight metallic twang of the mirror and I can imagine the shutter blades collapsing on top of each other. I love my thumb when it touches the lever, the motion that forwards the film and the sound of the lever returning to its position, notifying me the camera’s ready when I am.

I love that extra 37th, 38th or even 39th frame that you get with some films. I love that half frame at the end of some films. The quiet 30 or so seconds of intimate contemplation when I’ve used up the exposures and it’s time to rewind. I scour the area in fear of missing a shot while loading another roll. If funds allow another roll.

You see, as far as finances go, I have developed a certain model, based on rainfall events in deserts. Nothing for the better part of the year, maybe a couple of insignificant drops here and there but mostly nothing worth mentioning. And then once a year there’s rain galore. Plenty! Abundance! Life springs into action, everything bursts and turns green (an allusion to Ireland, yes). However, the earth in deserts is immensely thirsty and soaks up much of the water. Again, there are similarities to my bank account. When I don’t have money I develop debtsย whichย soak up most of the money I have managed to gain. It’s a vicious cycle, I tell ya. However, one event always happens before all that precious water is consumed. I do manage to develop any leftover films from the dry period.

Since there is such a big gap between developing – that goes for color film – there’s a lot of photos to digest. This time around I managed to take 1,6 photos a day (last year was a leap year, mind you). The point being here, it takes time to edit them all. They’re almost done, so please, while you wait, I imagine in blisfull agony ( ๐Ÿ˜› ), enjoy these taken and edited on Samsung Galaxy S3. And if oyou wanna check out what’s happening on my Instagram, click on one of the pictures on the sidebar, it should take you right there ๐Ÿ™‚

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