Rakija self-service (Funky Balkan Experience part I)

I suppose there’s not a lot of things that could take me from the warm Italian embrace of the woman I’m fond of. 

Not many things indeed. But when there’s a roadtrip on the horizon, I get interested. If its the Balkans, which I haven’t explored at all I’m basically decided. But when It’s a roadtrip with another fellow skateboarder and a bmx rider from my home town – sorry love, the cudddling sessions are gonna have to wait 🙂

The road from Slovenia to Belgrade is pretty much fuckin boring. It’s all straight, left and right nothing but fields and the general feeling is, you’re not even moving. But the car! Man, Citroen BX 1991 is an Enterprise. It’s like driving around in a living room! Comfy seats with funky hydraulic suspension (which helps plenty once you arrive on Serbian highway). So the three of us, five skateboards, a bmx and this helluva car launched into what I dubbed as the Funky Balkan Experience.

On the way I found out that we have a hostel already reserved for three days – courtesy of our driver who’s the only one with a real job and a thing called vacation time. Arriving in the city it truly gives a feeling of a metropole. I mean it’s got a feel of a serious big city. With two million people it’s not the biggest I’ve been to but definitely one with that says “welcome!”.
We found the hostel and it couldn’t have been a better choice. It’s cheap, new and well maintained. And it’s called ‘Fair amd Square’. The staff is friendly and offers Rakija from the get go. I’ve been waiting for it ever since our Enterprise switched to warp drive (140 km/h). When I asked fror a refill they just looked at me funilly: “You don’t need to ask, It’s self-service!” I couldn’t hide the grin while another shot went down. Our captain brought out his saz (an ancient string instrument) which magnetized the air and atracted a russian man and a turkish couple. We’ve made quite a jolly bunch but I’ve learned that sometimes leaving a good thing for a better one is the way to go. I wanted to skate this city more or less stable so I packed myself into bed and went out like a light. 

The next day we had breakfast, Rok put his bike together and we set out to explore Belgrade on 10 wheels.


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