Taxes (Funky Balkan Experience part II)

Today was decided by a simple toss of a coin. Waking up into a rainy morning didn’t give us much hope of having a heavy riding day like yesterday. Or any kind of a day for that matter. Chilling out at the hostel was not an option. We got a taste of the riding candies Belgrade offers and we developed a bit of a sweet tooth. We’d go insane without the sugar. The weather prognosis was rain, clouds, rain, more clouds and more rain. Which means wet tarmac. Which means a higher possibility of injures. It was flee or fight. We couldn’t make up our minds so we put our faith in a coin (which, it seems I managed to loose). A number meant we’d stay and see what happens. The dove, on the other side, would signify leaving Belgrade in search for a sunnier place. I tossed the coin, it landed on the number five and off into the rainy day we went.

Not knowing when the wheels wont grip made us a bit nervous. More so when we were going down a hill and the footbrake was pretty much useless. But hey, fuck it. Fear less, live more, right?

All in all it went alright. We had to be extra tentative, avoiding puddles and wet spots among the dry ones. Our main objective was to find a spot we were told about the day before. Situated under a bridge meant dryness, which would be perfect. We even consulted a nice security guard who directed us. In the opposite direction, yes, but you know how it is. Everything for a reason.

We found ourselves cruising
Ada Ciganlija along seemingly endless pebble beaches and bike paths Belgrade has to offer. At the end of this massive body of water our Captain saw the sign for the FKK beache and decided to take a proper skinny dip. And I thought I clicked the record button but obviously I didn’t, otherwise you’d now have the opportunity to see his white ass and a happy grin when his head broke the surface tension 🙂 

Heading back, our stomachs demanded their share of the action. Smoke drew us into a little wooden cabin by the shore, where a fire was going in the fireplace and in the hearts of the people gathered around it. An out of this world salad and lasagna, heartfelt conversations made us fell in love with this city even more. 

We glorified our decision even further when we finally got info on where the famous Belgrade spot, Gazela, was located. After the food has properly settled and all goodbyes were said we headed back towards the promised land. It is at this very place where I payed the tax on the amount of luck, fun and providence we were absorbed into. I mean, bails are such an integral and utterly unavoidable part of extreme sports. It sucks, but we all gotta pay our toll, no?

A few bruises are nothing comparing to a crashed phone screen. Guess I won’t have worry about cracking my screen jow😄Luckily the thing still works so I’ll be able to document this crazy trip we put in motion 🙂 Crazy lucky bastards 😀


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