благодаря (Funky Balkan Expedition part III.)

What are your necessities when you take it to the road? Backpack of clothes and toiletries? Smartphone? Laptop? Money? Charger? Extra shoes? Yeah, I guess those things are at least semi-important. But if there’s one thing a traveller, or, indeed, a person, should never run out of, is gratitude. It’ll get you anywhere or anything faster, better and cheaper. People will thank you because of the gift of joy you’ll bring with you. Gratitude, a sincere smile and love for Life will open doors that are mostly unavailable to cemented tourist roads. So I’d say, spend less time organizing your trips and just open your heart and senses for everything you can be grateful for. Did a local give you wonderful directions? Thank you! Did a random stranger help you out of a pickle? Grazie! Did you find that one place with great food that doesn’t break the bank? Njom, njom, njom (which is also a legitimate way of saying thank you). 

Thats’s why the first words I try to learn in a foreign country are please and thank you. If you are from an English speaking country you might not get what I’m on about, because everybody more or less has to learn it nowadays. But when you come from a country which is, language or culture wise, a bit under tha radar it means the world when someone from the countries with important languages makes an effort to speak it. Yes, we’ll still know whether you sincerely meant it or not but even if you make an effort to bullshit us in our language, it warms our hearts and makes our faces glow. 

Sobby bullshit aside, blagodaria is the Bulgarian equivalent of Thank you. Yes, I did first practice it when trying to win some points with the waitress but as soon as I heard the sound and the melody, I loved it. In a more literall translation it means “I give you wellbeing and abundance.” It made me thankful emediately, brought a smile on my face and I repeated it over and over again as it was like having a particularly sweet candy and juicy in my mouth. Blagodaria, blagodaria, blagodaria… 

As the evening rolled on, the music became better and the people nicer and smilier. Blagodaria!We arrived in Varna, the second biggest city in Bulgaria, just a few hours before and here we were already, at a secret opening of a new location for Studio21. I could say gratitude is what got us here, which is definitely a bit part of the equation, but it also involves a certain blog about tuning frequencies, life, universe and everything.
It also involves two people who really like to talk.
Our Captain and Roogle (because he is like Google) shared an intense typing connection for a while now and when our Captain mentioned he’s plannnig a balkan roadtrip Roogle offered his parents’ summer house, close to Varna as our base for the time being. An entire house for ourselves? Each our own room?  A fireplace and a terrace overlooking the Black Sea? The reward for being stuck with insatible rain for three days seemed more than adequate.

Romania was therefore one big bore for us. The only mild entertainment was the game of overtaking  the same cars over and over again. which resulted in a mafia guy wanting to buy the Enterprise. “Not for sale”, was the answer. It was raining the whole time so we just decided to drive across the whole damn dull thing. Endless (and I mean endless) crop fields left builders with the joy of making a completely straight highway, which puts you to sleep faster than our Captain’s monologues. 

After hours on this flat hell we pulled in front of a hostel in Constanta, the most important Romanian seaside resort. It stopped raining for just enough time for me and the Captain to take a stroll towards the beach where he preserved two decilitiers of the sea into a small bottle of vodka which I drank writing part two of these FBE posts. “For one of my friends who can’t come to the Black Sea, the sea will come to her” He’s a real good guy like that. 

The next day it was raining even harder, so no riding. Which sucked ass because the streets really looked promising and we’ve mostly been stuck together in a car that becomes smaller and smaller no matter how big and cosy it is. With Rok having a bit of a cough, the whole situation started looking rather grim and just sad. Captain called Roogle to confirm our stay and off we went to the home of blagodaria. 

…to be continued


3 thoughts on “благодаря (Funky Balkan Expedition part III.)

  1. I as well love the home of благодаря (blagodaria) and totally agree that gratitude in travel – and in life generally – is a necessity. “Благо” (Blago) is a prefix of so many words in Bulgarian and is always associated with something good. May we all enjoy благота на живота (blagota na zhivota) – the good things of life – in our journeys.

    1. You said it. I was so pleasantly surprised by this country😄 Will definitely return and explore more. Blagodaria😄

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