Transformers (Funky Balkan Expedition part IV.)

There’s some heavy raining going now in Ohrid at the moment (the weather wasn’t kind to us) which finally gives me some time to catch up on my writing. As said in the previous post, we crossed Romania and comfied ourselves in Varna, where we had a blast from the very first night.The day after it was still raining which was perfect to visit the local indoor skatepark where we mostly took advantage of the miniramp.

The park is only opened from 4 pm so stacking up on some fresh veggies, fruits, nuts, yogurt, cheese and bread at the nearby matket seemed like the natural choice. All of it was of great quality and we quickly realised Bulgaria is a country of tasty food. Not to mention, for our standards, cheap as hell. Love goes through the stomach and we were enamoured instantly. The supplies were stored back at Roogle’s place where we had a relaxing chat about music, philosophy, life, universe and everything. It could indoubtedly continue into infinity if we were not anxious to get at least a bit of riding done for that day.

Clothes shop at the market

Shopska salad from heaven

Fruit and veggie vendor

Delicious as fuck. My god, it was heaven for the taste buds.
All good things usually end and so did our session at the skatepark. One interesting thing about it, is that they have a course to teach kids skating. The children get protection pads, skateboards and a dedicated skateboarder demonstrates and guides them through the tricky world of skateboarding. Once you’re hooked you usually only stop because you’re either injured, tired or hungry. And we were we hungry! We drove back to Roogle’s world where we ate and also met up with his girlfriend Eli who was super excited to have us there as she spent half a year in Slovenia with Erasmus student exchange program and loved our country. It’s a funny feeling, knowing my homeland is not the tourist hotspot (which is changing, apparentely) and here is this person who can’t wait to go back 🙂 As the saying goes –sto ljudi, sto čudi (hundred people, hundred wonders).

Eli (Jelka)

Roogle (Roel)

Group selfie
In the next few days our Varna adventures included cruising the city (as the sun finally decided to make it’s apperance), mostly the amazing park, the promenade by the sea, eating tasty food at our new favourite restaurant and just enjoying the place as only travellers know how. The last day was reserved for visiting Shuman and Madera, famous sightseeing places not far from Varna. At Shuman we went to see an important piece of Bulgarian history. We dubbed the monument as “Transformers” because of it’s angular shapes, and giant statues of previous kings of Bulgaria or more exactly, the founders of the Bulgarian state. The thing is colossal and is said to be the heaviest communist monument on the planet. As much as I tried to photograph it in a way that would put the whole concrete monstrum in proper perspective, in the end I opted for the most stunning picture I could take.

Haha, no, ok, just messing😄 Here they are.

The biggest treat came after the monument. At the parking there was this old guy selling wooden airplanes which he carved himself. They were red and shiny but I was sold when I realised that the propeler actually works when you blow on it. Yeah, my child side got the better of me and soon I was running around making engine noises all the way to Madera, our second destination for the day.

I really am sorry for being lazy with writing. The feeeling of trying to cram multiple days into one post isn’t the best but fuck it. I gotta be on top of things and this Macedonian rain is my golden ticket. I don’t have many good photos of Madera, certainly not of what we went to see there in the first place. My credo is that if you folks reading this, Google it up, you’ll find plenty of bad, decent and great photos of the place, plus plenty of info if you so desire – so what’s the point? A bit like reinventing the fire ain’t it? So instead, here are some random photos😊


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