Clearing a path

I gotta tell ya, I had to cut my way through some thick thorny bushes to finally find my way back to the keyboard. Yes, it’s been a while and it would probably stay that way if there wouldn’t be for a certa reader that actually gives a damn whether I write or not. And tells me so as well. Keep up the good work 🙂
I still don’t have the proper motivation to write. I consider this post as reviving an old path overgrown by that negative laziness (I assure you, there is a positive one as well). Keeping it wide enough to act as an escape route when things get too much to handle is somewhere on the priority list but my dog ate the list and I don’t have one.*
I did want to talk about a particular topic, though. It’s of a more global orientation, however it, of course, includes me too. (I’m so deliciously narcissistic). 
Having a nice discussion one afternoon, an observation popped into my head: “If everything is on the phones these days, why do we still need things like credit cards, ID cards, passports and such? Couldn’t we just have an app for that?” I’m not at all app-tech-savvy. I have a strong feeling there’s a myriad of apps that would benefit me immensely but as far as I’m concerned I’m already in to deep just owning a smartphone. 
As it turns out and as I suspected, some people are way ahead of me. And by some people I mean two companies, one from the UK and the other from Austria, who know for a fact that great minds think alike 😛
I’m not gonna go into details here because as of now there aren’t many to speak of. It’s a fairly current development with plenty of if’s. As you can imagine there are several issues connected with an idea of such logical expectancy for this day age. The two most obvious are of course identity theft and “shit, where’s my passport?!” replaced by “shit, where’s my phone!?” Whereas in the second scenario the dreadful feeling of terror is doubled or tripled or quadrupled because your’re phone is at this point also your wallet, ticket collector, DNA sampler, organ donor and holder of top secret plans to take over the world. Which, I suppose, is also a perfect time to further develop the technology to the point where our brains are infested with chips (haha, just imagine thin crispy potatoes doing calculations!) Now, if you manage to physically loose your head, you’ve got bigger problems anyway and is questionable if you should be a part of this brave new world.
From what I’ve read there’s two companies tackling this problem. Never heard of them before but I guess in the world of passport printing they’re the shit. While De La Rue is primarily focusing in the actual passport, OeSD is developing an app that would take care of passports, ID cards, driving licenses, library cards and your favourite retailer’s discount coupons 😛 They claim to have a working app as we speak and if they manage to make a sale it could potentially be used in real life by 2017.

I’m sure you’ll be relieved, as I was, to know that these DPs are planned to work wirelessly so a cracked screen would not influence the process even ever so slightly. 

*PS – how do you own a dog anyway? You’re just lucky they don’t run away. 


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