In laziness we trust

Well I do, anyway. You see I was so ambitious about writing a post about how wonderful I feel in Dublin and what a great time I’ve been having but then, as always, I end up writing something random.

 It’s all true though. The great fun I’m having. It’ll all shift to more responsibility in a couple of days when I’m off to start the calendar job in a place called Drogheda. One  of the current roommates claims it’s a shithole. I’ll let you know in the following weeks. I’ve been having such a great time, actually, that putting into words just seems like a grand labour I’m not willing to undergo currently. Instead going  on about all the stuff that’s happened I can just tell you about this one pub. 

I was casually walking in the Dublin mountains, and got casually caught by the rain. Casually I met an Irish couple with whom I shared space under a pine tree and later a pint of Guinness. And then nother. “Ah your grand”, they retorted in that typical Irish layed back manner that you can’t do anything other about but to love it. You see, when the second pint hit the table I realised I only have a fiver. “Don’t worry about it, you’re on your vacation.” 

I was able to play a scale on the piano they uncovered at the pub I was emediately praised as knowing how to play. I tried to explain but to no avail… It was all very “only a true messiah denies his divinity…” I can play the piano now. Luck of the Irish, I guess.


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