The Magic of Synchronization 

Listening to The White Stripes

There’s this woman I follow on Instagram – she does tarrot cards. Do I believe in tarrot cards? I’m not sure, but 8 out of 10 of what I’m already feeling or thinking about is expressed in her daily clairvoyant messages that come from the angels. I call it the Magic of Synchronization.

Don Laoighire
Kiliney beach

That unforgettable Sunday the cards said something needed to be done with water. Taking a swim, taking a bath, drinking more of it, being near a large body of it – something. The sun was coming on strong so there was no doubt this particular diem must be carped. There are no lakes or rivers in the vicinity I could think of, so there was only one other viable option – the beach!

My mind was set on Sandymount as it seemed easiest to reach by public transport. But then El Presidente had awoken and wanted a piece of the experience. He was going on about picking mushrooms in the mountains but my mind was set as I’ve had my dose of the hills for the week. He was fumbling about, clearly still not fully awake so I decided to take a short walk and give him a chance to load his operating system and get his bearings straight. 

And he did. As we pulled into the town of Ballybrack it was as we drove past an invisible line that you might know from video games. It usually triggers hoards of vicious monsters for you to kill or a mighty boss or something of the kind. In this scenario, luckily, however, it triggered a feeling that I can only describe as California. True, I’ve never been there (yet) but that’s how it felt. A wave of sudden relaxation and “just chill, dude” washed over me and I emediately wanted to stay forever. 

It got even better when buildings finally gave way to the view. Don’t you just praise the moment you open the car door, step out, half expecting that smoggy city air mixed with undiscernable medley of street sounds, only to discover the salty breeze gently stroking your face, accompanied by the distant humming of waves meeting the solid ground. There’s nowhere you’re supposed to be, there’s nothing you’re supposed to do and there’s no one you’re supposed to be. Riding the flow like a seagull to wherever you’ve eons ago decided Life will take you. 


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