Beat the Monday blues IV. 

If you’ve ever opened a pack of cookies, you’re probably familiar with a situation where you’ve spent the last 10 minutes looking for that knife or those scissors to open the goddam thing. And when you’ve finally managed to lose your temper because there might be an apocalypse happening but that cookie will save it all. 

When at last! Saliva fills your mouth. Sleepy and groggy as you’ve waken her up at 2am and made her work, you notice this red nylon string mischievously peeking from the side of the pack… 

Yes, that’s right. There was an easy, stress free opening option that was available to me, all along, right there in front of my nose. And I could have said to myself: “Ah, well, at least I know now. Won’t make the same mistake next time, that’s for sure, ahahaha. Silly me!”

But probably not, because the half-pack sugar high just kicked in and my mind is all over the place. I feel on top of the world and I’ve never made a mistake in my life. Except the one where I  ate a half-pack of chocolate chip cookies, got a sugar high, crashed half an hour later, hated myself, ate another half, bought another pack and now I’m in the kitchen with scissors in my hands with a strong feeling I’ve actually learned nothing in life. 


Because if I would have, I’d firstly check anything that I buy in the shop, for that elusive opening procedure. Because it is, in most cases, there. Somebody that ate cookies before I was even born, figured that there must be an easier way to open packs! The person did something about it and voila! Years later, everything is packaged with some sort of “path of least resistance” to remove it and pollute the planet even further. And then it hit me! It must be like this with everything in Life! Anything you wanna achieve has an inbuilt mechanism to unravel itself to you. Like a flower opening itself in the morning, ready to accept everything the natural world has to offer. You just need to find the entry point, that fuckin red nylon string of getting whatever it is that you want! Like the late Leonard Cohen, thank God for him, observed in his glorious song Anthem: “There is a crack, a crack in everything. That’s how the Light gets in.”

Keep searching for that crack…… That came out wrong, didn’t it?


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