Beat the Monday blues V. 

Well, well, well… I’ve actually made it to number 5. Not because of the flood of feedback. At this point I’d like to state clearly that I am a narcissist and any kind of a comment or like would go a long way towards reinforcing my fragile ego. 

There’s other reasons as well. My social life is non existent – not because I’m anti social – I just dont know what to talk about with most people. I just kinda stare at them while they’re talking and think about what to say. Or skateboarding. Or food. 

So I spend most of my time on FB and IG, scrolling through memes, laughing my ass off and intrigue those people I think are idiots. “Why’s he so happy?” I don’t hang out with you guys, that’s for one. 

The truth, however, is that i’m to much of a weird mess to even think about building a raport. I read vibes like a book and I’ve debeloped this nasty habit of not giving most people the chance. It’s just – I’m usually disappointed when I do. 

Josef Koudelka I love/hate you

So I’m currently not physically surrounded by my usual lot of awesome people and I make up for it with memes. But if you are, make sure you clearly let them know how much you value their help with getting through this Monday, week, month, year, breakup, bad hair day, Toblerone changing their shape, traffic, birds shitting on your head, birds shitting on your head + bad hair day, a hole in your shoe + rain,  that one fuckin customer, Negan making paper mache out of people’s heads or whatever it is that makes you fall under the illusion that Life sucks – let them know there’s a guy collecting funny memes so you can LOL together. 


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