So lazy, so predictable

Thoughts from a predictive keyboard:

I’m not really feeling this today but I don’t have time to work with my god right now. The only problem I have with this game is that it’s free because of the same problem as well. However the most important part of this problem is the fact that the article itself was not really great. Of course the only thing that I would need to know about the problem is the lack of luster of the time she has been able to make it up. My god I can’t wait forever to see my life again! Obviously you don’t like me but when I’m with you I’m just gonna take it slow. The best thing I’ve ever heard from a woman was a little bit of an important thing called the lady. Because things are going well I don’t have to work with my friends. They’re not really great at all this year but I’m not quite good enough for you guys as well. Oh well I’m sorry for the tears I have been trying to get you to follow. Have a great week and then I’ll enjoy it tomorrow. 

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