Beat the Monday blues XIII. 

Honestly, memes are the safest thing on the Internet. The only thing you can trust, really. 

Life can actually be seen as a big joke from the people for the people. The only thing you need to be careful about, is being a whiny little bitch who takes him/herself too seriously, doesn’t understand the program, gets offended, builds up a fan base of other whiny little bitches and starts a war – because thats where the real fun is. Just scroll on or smth. 

Ah well, planet Earth is big enough to accomodate all different beliefs, perspectives, religions, political views, ways to roll spliffs, good and bad music, ways to replace the toilet paper, tea with or without milk, pants or no pants, sanity and insanity – I mean, even a disgusting fuckin thing like a pickle 😖

It’s a wonderful place because of it’s differences… ah for fucks sake, I can’t believe I would still need to explain this in 2017! Advanced civilization my ass!

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