A different kinda feel good

I was pretty much finished with my meal and could’ve easily walked out and rationalized that it was the Universe yielding to my desires. I guess a part of me, the hustling part, would feel quite good about himself. The girl, really, she just made a mistake as we all make em and I didn’t see why I should profit on it, you know. Besides, it was three Euros and I’m not particularly broke atm. If I was though… Well if I was I wouldn’t even be in a restaurant, now would I? So yeah, I was contemplating it a bit. I’m not pure at heart, smite me😄

 Our choices have eternal consequences that we cannot fully understand or connect or see through. And plus, the restaurant is brilliant – I mean 7€ for a delicious, mouth watering chinese buffet in the heart of Dublin. I could see far enough to realize these people will see me slobering over their plates again – with friends – and would definitely not like to be greeted with a stink eye. No, now I’m gonna be “the guy who gave Cindy the money back”. Or maybe they wouldn’t give a fuck. Who could say for sure? But knowing I did what I felt needed to be done is a good feelin and worlds apart from the “I hustled those sorry bastards” one. 

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