Bear the Monday blues XV. 

I don’t understand why we are supposed to be so weary of Friday the 13th? Isn’t Monday the 13th the most horrible thing that can befall on an individual?

Especially if this particular M13th is directly followed by that monster of a holiday – Valentines Day. Some love it, some hate it, most dread it. But it’s specifically those who are in a relationship that dread it most I’d say.

I mean, I wouldnt know, personally but I imagine it’s you, the blessed and lucky ones, that have something to lose. It’s you who need to stress about gifts (note the plural form), making the day special and pretend that, historically, this day hasn’t been marked with St. Valentine being beheaded. No pressure though. 

For us not bound by shackles of society’s expectations, it’s just gonna be another day. Arguably not more sad or lonely because we’re doing pretty well on our own. We’ve been through this last year, the year before and the year before that, so we’ve developed basic maneuvers to avoid the flood of roses, red overkill and heart shapped everything. 

Us, we can only gain. Instead of being afraid of losing someone we have a chance, a slim one but nevertheless, a chance, to fall in love with someone that dislikes or is indifferent to this fabricated capitalistic fest as we are, and if we last a whole year, we can both enjoy avoiding the whole Valentines ordeal, riding it out in our bed, fuckin our brains out. 😊 


Uh, oh, almost forgot (again)!!! I know it’s already mid February but I have an honorable mention this week and pretty much the best meme of January 2017:

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