On visiting and staying (part 1)

Making myself a cup of tea, gazing with with a dumb smile on the fresh linen trying severely and violently to escape from the clothing string with a low afternoon sun as a backlight. Golden hour. Warm colours, long shadows, camera poised. The knob on the kettle jumps into position 0 with a slight pop. There’s that dumb smile again when the first drops of milk start swirling into an atomic bomb like cloud under the surface of the darkly tinted water. The first sip of the warm beverage that sends shivers down my spine and sets my world back to 0 with a slight pop. 
Sitting behind the table, having a laugh with the housemates – usually being roasted for our quirky behaviour. Just for the craic, really. One of the chairs is appropriately named ‘the hot chair’. Contemplating a book or pondering the Universe with my gaze fixed onto a palm tree that I can observe through the gap between a row of suburban houses.  Wondering if I should make some plans for life like most people seem to do. I take another sip from the cup and just feel I cant bring myself to do it. Not just yet, anyway. Doing ‘ nothing’ is too enjoyable atm. Or better yet, iust ‘being’. Wandering through the forest of ideas, waves of beliefs, caves of fears, worries, apprehensions and lightbulbs of reveleations and insights that serve the same puspose to a troubled mind as do the moon and stars to the completely dark but clear night sky. I’ve had more than enough ‘doing’ in the past four months. And besides, although I’m in a climate milder than the one I grew up in, my body doesn’t seem to get it. It acts much like it’s around -10 degrees outside with a good amount of snow. This time around it’s nature that’s changing faster than my body can catch up to.
The time I served in the shopping centre I kept dreaming about the places I’ll go to, the things I’ll do, the people I’ll meet. But now, it’s like the Universe is saying: “Listen, you’ve been working hard the past three months. All the things you want – I get it. And they’re lined up for you, no prob. But for now, just chill, rest, sleep, hibernate even, regain your strengths – spiritual, physical, creative and social. It’s all good, you’re in the perfect place, everything is happening for you. Let it flow.”
So I do. I flow amazing quantities of Irish tea. Wall & Keogh’s. Love that shit. I flow good, great and exceptional music and revel in the way it makes me feel and move my body. 

Then there’s the way the sunrays hit the Earth in this part of the world. It’s because it falls in a different angle than back home; I know. But the experience of it!! I’m amazed. Awed. Tits buzzin’. It’s magic kick opens my heart and lets my own light flow. And more and more I’m beginning to realize that it’s not just visiting this place anymore. I’m living it now. With that dumb smile on my face.

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