I Beat the Monday blues XVII. 

Damn I have

in doing this post today. I’ve cycled way too much yesterday. It was supposed to be just a casual little ride into the unknown. 

When you live in a country where rain is boss the “after the rain comes sun” has a whole different gravity. So when the sun finally shows up and you feel it’s gonna be there for at least an hour – you’re out! If you’re smart that is. 

So I was smart. The sun was warm and friendly – in fact the weather was such that you wouldn’t even believe there was ever a drop of rain anywhere ever. Like, what storm? Doris? Who that? It felt like you’re parents where fighting and screaming and each other for a week, dad finally admitted he was wrong (even if he wasn’t #womenlogic) and with a flip of a switch, mom smiles again and they invite you out for an icecream. 

The wind was in my back and I just kinda sailed towards the far away place called Howth with complete disregard the same friendly, supportive and encouraging wind will laugh unashamedly in my wet and tired face. I could’ve taken the train to town, of course but why would I have that idea before I was actually in town?

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