Beat the Monday blues XVIII. 

Oops! That’s all I got basically. That’s my excuse for missing out on two Monday posts. Well, oops. 

But was has been has been, bygones be bygones, water under a bridge, spilt milk, cliché , cliché , cliché 

Memes, memes and more memes. 

What a comeback, people! What a comeback indeed. The blogosphere, memesphere and lazysphere were all wondering if he can make it and yes, yes, yes, there it is!!! Teo weeks of no show and only to return with the greatest tesimony of laziness, half-baked excuses and just plain no fuckery. Bravo, bravo, bravo, we salute him!!! That’s why, ladies and gentlemen, he is the undisputed champion if everything that is Little effort. Bravo, you sir are an inspiration to us all who strive for a more understanding of our insatiable need to do absolutely nothing meaningful and just like to chill beyond measure. Truly, you are a legend. Thank you👍🏻

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