Beat the Monday blues XX. 

Do you guys still go for memes? I mean, do they still make you laugh till your stomach hurts? I think I’ve seen too many, tbh. I’m beginning to see a ‘that was supposed to make me laugh’ pattern here.

Of course, that is why memes are made I suppose. That’s why comedy and sense of humor exists in the first place. Yet, there’s two basic ways to make a meme I guess. One, the lower type is:  “Please laugh at this. That’s why I made it. My self-esteem depends on you laughing at it” They might or may not be funny but they definitely get old. The second one is more about “zero fucks given how you find this. I love this regardles but I feel that somebody else might enjoy it at least as much as I do so there, I’ll share.” The makers of the second type are true artists and although they don’t always deliver (to my taste) but I forgive tem as they are undoubtedly brilliant and it’s only a matter of time before they come up with something I’ve never seen before. Trendsetters. 

And theres the third kind. In terms of will it be funny it’s a bit of a hit or miss because I may or may have not seen it. It’s new on the scene but it’s not really original as it has existed before but has now been given attention to a new audience. 

What am I talking about? I don’t know anymore, I’m high, ok? 

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