Beat the Monday blues XXI. 

The beauty of the Internet lies also in the fact that I am, writing this at noon in Ireland, waaay too late for the people in Slovenia who are most likely nearly finished with their jobs and thus, may not reap the fruits these Monday posts are hoping to bare – making them feel a bit better about life.

However, there are people on this planet who are but only waking up into the Monday blues. This one is for them. Capitalism not only blures the line of acceptable working times but gets rid of them altogether. Just think of how much we value the person with, a usually tired and annoyed face, who hands us a slice of pizza or whatever fatty nasty “food” we decided to shove down our throats at 3am, drunken and sans-filter. 

So whichever time zone you fall into I hope this’ll make you laugh – cause lets face it that’s basically the only thing we really wanna do.

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