Beat the Monday blues XXII. 

If you’ve been following BTMB posts, you might’ve noticed that the content is sourced from the same accounts. If you have Instagram, laugh reading these posts and don’t follow some of these people you’re either ignorant, too proud or dumb. 

Or maybe you don’t even have the Monday blues. Maybe you’re one of those happy-go-lucky folks who wake up full of energy and need no coffee. You anticipate good things, happiness and joy as well as love your job and realize that your happines is all the wealth you’ll ever need. 

However, if you’re neither happy nor filthy rich – da fuck are you doing with your lives? 

Just keep in mind there’s a guy out there, who is the first Instagram millionaire (@tank.sinatra). Ironically, he wrote a book titled “Happy is the new rich”. If that doesn’t fuck with your brains I don’t know what does. But hey, I like the title and what it suggests, as being happy seems tons easier as is being outrageously full of cash – just look at memes and have a great day👍🏻😎


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