Beat the Monday blues XXIII. 

Wel, well! Going through the screenshots, I was susprised to see I only saved a few memes the previous week. And now I’m like, could it be? Could I actually acquired this elusive thing called Having a Life which leaves me with little time to stare at the screen mindlessly scrolling through God knows what?

It just might be! This Monday I’m not lying in my bed contemplating if leaving it such a good idea, I’m not dreading the entire week of same old same old. Nope, in fact, my mind is more busy figuring out where to find a decent travel mattress for me and my father to convert the rental car into a hostel so we crash anywhere in the most beautiful and wild parts of Ireland in the Wild Atlantic Way. 

Seriously if you ever feel stuck in Life, need a total reset or just a refresh on what exactly it’s all really about, just go. Go somewhere wild and possibly even deserted. Not your local park or forest or the beach or whathaveyou. I mean, go somewhere where there’s no coverage…where you hardly feel like there’s a living being out there. Go to a place where you can experience the raw and politically uncorrect power of Nature, empty your head and let her fill it with her lovely, soothing gentle whispers of who you really are 😊 Enjoy and be wild y’all 👍🏻


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