Heat the Monday blues XXVI. 

Hahahaha, this one made me 😂 for about 15 min straight yesterday. I needed it🙄 It was crucial to my wellbeing, as we had yet another “why am I having this conversation?” moment with El Presidente. I shall, in future, refer to him only as El Residente. Although, by the definition of a president, by The Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy – a person with no real power who’s role is to divert attention away from real power – he is perfect. 

I can actually see him being that person. Driving up to Starbucks, being all like: “Oh cool, free coffee! See ya suckaaaaaz!” Which would be quite an accurate sumation of his logic smhw.

What do you expect when you put a half filled (yes, I’m an optimist) wine glass into the milk compartment in the fridge door? Physics, anyone? Oh, he went through lengths to prove me “wrong”. Yes, if I were a grandpa riddled with osteoporosis the glass would’ve stayed there. But since I was a healthy middle aged hungry human, it tipped over and left a nasty stench on my slipper.

But really, the broken glass wasn’t the problem. Not for me anyway. And if he had not been aggravated by his phone suddenly freezing up (the same lagging phone he hasn’t updated in ages in fear of data mining or government spying or something) he’d probably let it slip by (with a warning). But no, he had to put the blame on me in a situation where, I feel, there was really no one to blame. First of all, I had no idea you booby traped the door 😛 Accidents happen, end of story. Right? Nope, it had to be: “It wouldn’t have happened if you wouldn’t opened the door like a maniac!” Well, excuse me, but I had just about enough of you blaming others for your sorry life: “I jUsT WanTeD a GlaSs of WiNe wiTh My LunCH.

Honestly, I am most pleased it happened the way it did. He was gone for a full day yesterday and the  house was relieved! And he’s not speaking to me today which, I hope, continues for a while. I need a brake from his mode of communication. And judging by his jolly whistling, it’s working out for him as well. Win win!

On the brighter side of the bright side it gives me something steamy to write about. I say Life is better when you use what u got👍🏻 Stay great and don’t let the bastards grind you down. 


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