Lit the Monday Blues XXIX. 

I know, I know I’m “late” again, but hey, can’t rush perfection, right? I mean, I guess you can, we’re absolutely free to choose what we wanna do, you know? But if you do decide to rush it, beware:

Anyway, on the road again. Gotta tell ya, living in Ireland has it’s pitfalls -like the incessant rain and the price of a pint – however, it’s never ever ever fuckin hot as hell!!! I ain’t used to this heat no mo. Ffs it’s like 35 degrees in Venice! Da fuq? I’m not used to sweating just performing simple tasks like blinking or breathing!

But I like it! I was born in July, in the heat and I suppose, developing inside my momma, I was probably thinking, “Damn, this place is hot. Better learn to live with it and enjoy it…” So I was born lazy. 

Yep, lazy as a man can be. It beats air conditioning anyway. I feel the energy I am willing to channel somewhere, is best used on swimming in fresh rivers, eating cucumbers, watermelons and other water rich foods… drinking pepermint tea and skating on scorching tarmac till I soak the Earth with my sweat. 

Anyway, even my phone is overheating and I don’t have much else to say. If you know me personally, I’m doing a Slovenian tour, carrying with me the latest poetry book ‘Mantras’. I’d give it to you for free but I’m broke so it’s Seven euros or a meal. Or a plae to stay. A beer. Or let’s meet up, you’ll buy the book and I’ll buy us both a beer because it’s that cheap in Slovenia😄 And then let’s have a blast I haven’t seen you for a while😄


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