Stuck for a title.

I’ve had this in my head for a while but hesitate continuously as I always felt I don’t know enough about the scene to really provide a decent comment on it. Insecurity, basically. But then again, this could be my way of learning more about this “sport” I absolutely adore. It’s a step into the unknown and I’ve always enjoyed that. Who knows where it’ll take me?

My idea is simply to watch skateboarding videos and say how I feel about them. I still don’t know which one would be “the best” to start with. I could do the new Caliber trucks one with Ryan Gottlieb, simply because it’s fairly recent. It’s alright. Some nice shots and nice aesthetic to it, Caliber style. But it doesn’t really get me to grab my board and hit the hills, though. Which, I believe, is what skatevideos are all about in the first place. For all those times when you’re either not motivated, hungover or just plain lazy and you need that extra oomph to kick-start you. Or, of course, to provide the light at the end of the tunnel when you’re unable to skate cause you’ve wrecked yourself.

So, sure, you can present the brand or the rider or the product, promote and spread the lifestyle. But the video should be saying “go out and try this now (while skating product X)”Β πŸ˜„

Anyway, I got talking again. So one video I keep returning to is this one:

Mostly because it gets me hyped, simply put. It’s what I’m aiming at as a skateboarder. Being able to casually tackle big hills on your normal street deck, gloves on, ollie down real fast whenever the situation calls for it – love that shit. It’s what skating is about for me! Getting from A to B in style while enjoying the ride😁! That’s my take on it but there’s also these freakishly amazing stand-up Quentin spews out on a whim. A toe stand to a heel stand between the bush and stairs? Love it! My favourite parts starts at about 2:15. Almost like a snake dance! Heel, toe, heel, toe, heel, end with a send. I mean, shit’s kinda seductive, you know?

Plus, the track is dope😊

P.S. Any ideas for the title, I’m stuck.


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