Another vlog about why Thailand is a great country and how you can help me get back home😄


If you’re still not sure about this, here are some testimonials from real people😊

“You’ve got hands of gold my friend!”

Martin Vogrič Dežman


“Borut, this was incredible! You should definitely do this more! You knew exactly where to massage with just the right pressure!”

Kristina Rešek


“This was excellent! You’re hired. If you continue massaging like this we’re gonna get along just fine.”

After I massaged my new boss as a job interview in a massage parlour in Ljubljana.


“This was magnificent! I told you before we started that I have a headache and that usually means It’ll only get worse but with you I felt release, like you’ve opened something and my head is fine. Thank you!”

Paola Sammarchi


Thank you for your contribution😊


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