Go to Ireland for free!!!

I know, I know, it’s been quiet around Life o’clock for a while now. Just on the blog though, out there, outside the virtual world where it really matters, I’ve been rather busy with teaching Thai kids English at weekend camps. More on that some other time (probably not). Right now, however, I wanna direct your attention to a chance to win a trip to the Emerald island. If you and a loved one always dreamed about visiting this wonderful place (or even if you didn’t, why the hell not) of which I’ve wrote on this blog before but didn’t feel you possessed the time or the funds, well, you’re in luck of the Irish. This giveaway takes care of at least one of your problems. The winner will receive:


  • Up to $1,000 USD towards airfare for two to Ireland
  • Personalized ground arrangements, hotels, tours, and activities valued at $3,500 USD


Sounds good? Well then, click the link bellow give yourself at least a chance to win a trip to a land of greenest grass, sheep, breath taking beauty and the breath taking ability of the Irish to drink that beloved Guinness πŸ™‚ Also, give myself a chance for ten more entries to increase the chances. And then share on whatever social media you’re plugged in to get extra entries for you and you travel mate as well. Good luck!

Pour me a pint!


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