Delete the Monday Blues XXXVII.

Seeing how I’m back in Ireland and it’s a Monday the 13th, it only fits that the first post published on semi-home soil would be a laughable one. Honestly, I was under the impression that this whole weekly section was dead and gone but plans change when Bob’s your uncle.






It took me three flights to get from Singapore to London but I only took one. It takes massive skills to do that, so unless you’re absolutely sure you’re a total eejit, I wouldn’t go trying this at home … Hmm, technically, neither did I, since I was, you know, abroad.


Six months on the Road, what now? Well for one, I found the small bluetooth keyboard I could so very much use during the travels. Tucked away nicely in the parcel that travelled half across Europe to end up where it started, it remained unscathed which is more than I can say about the porcelain Snowman that I got as a gift from two kids ’cause I was “so nice” selling them their Justin Bieber calendar for which their father wished the earth would swallow him right there and there.


The other thing I’ve also found were old issues I have yet to deal with but luckily I’ve got:

a) new tools

b) refurbished old ones

to do that. Although much of the first half of the travel was spent having fun, partying, moving about and making friends, the second half was marked prominently by meditation, introspection, facing myself, strenghtening belief in myself, more fun and a lot of perspiration. Southeast Asia is hot and humid, ya know.


Being back I figured I might settle for a little while before my feet get itchy again. However, upon seeing that my bike is, being exposed to harsh irish elements for a better half of the year and agaisnt all sound logic, in perfect working condition, the road seems to fork again. Do I stick around, get a job and survive the winter, or do I go against my better judgement, saddle the bike with the panier bags, throw caution at the wind and embark on a journey that was my actual original plan for this year? Time will tell and when it does, this blog will update you.



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