Go out and Skate – The Godfather of street skating

Now that the eyes of the skateboarding community are glued to Nyjah Huston’s latest part for Nike SB, I had a choice. It would be a no brainer to review ‘Til Death but I’m sure most magazines and YouTube channels connected with the board on four wheels will have something to say about it. I thought, … More Go out and Skate – The Godfather of street skating


  Another vlog about why Thailand is a great country and how you can help me get back home😄   If you’re still not sure about this, here are some testimonials from real people😊 “You’ve got hands of gold my friend!” Martin Vogrič Dežman   “Borut, this was incredible! You should definitely do this more! … More Crowdfunding

Thailand update

What happened next was stuff that dreams are made of…in strawberry flavor. I had my wits on and made the sign in Thai, believe it or not. 20 min into the hitch and it just felt off. Like it’s not gonna work. Nobody really gave a shit, the owner of the nearby restaurant kept waving … More Thailand update

Stuck for a title.

I’ve had this in my head for a while but hesitate continuously as I always felt I don’t know enough about the scene to really provide a decent comment on it. Insecurity, basically. But then again, this could be my way of learning more about this “sport” I absolutely adore. It’s a step into the … More Stuck for a title.


Pozdrav domači in udomačeni! Kot verjetno veste me že kak mesec ni v Evropi, ker se potikam po Tajski. V glavi sem sicer mel bolj redne objave s podrobnejših opisi krajev in dogodkov, da se vam mal pocedijo sline po tej neverjetni deželi. To mate res vse na Netu ampak se pa gre mal tud … More Thailalandia


Evo folk, dolgo dolgo že ničesar od mene ampak razložim vse v tehle vlogah. No, vse, samo tist kar je treba ne😄 Potem se tale zaradi neznanega razloga prekine in se nadaljuje v: So easily distracted 😊 Ampak tega tipa sem mogu čekerat! Evo, tolk zaenkrat. Pozdrav v Slovenijo😁

Train your Brain

Have you had fun with photography? Not thinking about it? Letting it flow naturally from the scene around you onto your DSLR, phone or analog? Noticed how even the most uninspiring situations can inspire amazing images? The simpler, the better. Photography shows so fuckin clearly how Life is ultimately all about the way you look … More Train your Brain

You know what?!

Fuck you Google! Seriously, fuck you in the ass with an unlubed wooden splintering dildo. How long do we have to wait for you God playing sons of bitches to make the YouTube app play in the background? Like, seriously?! Are you actually retarded? Am I supposed to believe that it is not possible, programming wise? … More You know what?!