Train your Brain

Have you had fun with photography? Not thinking about it? Letting it flow naturally from the scene around you onto your DSLR, phone or analog? Noticed how even the most uninspiring situations can inspire amazing images? The simpler, the better. Photography shows so fuckin clearly how Life is ultimately all about the way you look … More Train your Brain

You know what?!

Fuck you Google! Seriously, fuck you in the ass with an unlubed wooden splintering dildo. How long do we have to wait for you God playing sons of bitches to make the YouTube app play in the background? Like, seriously?! Are you actually retarded? Am I supposed to believe that it is not possible, programming wise? … More You know what?!

O domotožju

Kot mogoče veste, občasno objavljam tudi na blogu Jezdeci vsebine. Tokrat vam pripopam dva sestavka, prvega in drugega, na temo jambranja, domotožja in pogleda na domovino iz “tuje” države 🙂


  You know how it is with YouTube sometimes. A tune you really enjoy plays out and autoplay starts doing its thing. It’s a bit of a hit and miss but this “morning” (gawd, woke up at 12) it hit a bullseye. I’m starting this post with a Bad thing:   T’was an immediate hit … More Friday’d