Na tuje?

Če pogledam s prave perspektive, je bilo potovanje do Irske in trgovine vsekakor avantura. Ob polnoči me je prevoz iz Ljubljane do Stuttgarta odložu na črpalki in po šalci čaja sem se takoj lotu tovornjakerjev na parkirišču. Večina je še spala. Oči sem mel na pecljih in ko se je kaka 40 tonska pošast prebudila … More Na tuje?

In laziness we trust

Well I do, anyway. You see I was so ambitious about writing a post about how wonderful I feel in Dublin and what a great time I’ve been having but then, as always, I end up writing something random.  It’s all true though. The great fun I’m having. It’ll all shift to more responsibility in … More In laziness we trust

REAL is the new SEXY

Originally posted on Jamie Catto:
It’s so radical to be authentic these days that it has an enigma all of it’s own. It’s very powerful to be visible with your vulnerabilities, it shakes people up in the places where they are too scared to be so visible. Listen to their judgements. They give you the…

Lenoba, valda

Da ne boste rekl, da nč ne pišem, da sm zabušant in, da sam u luft gledam pa afne guncam. Sem namreč del online skupnosti imenovane Jezdeci Vsebine kjer vsake dva meseca objavim eno poglavje knjige, ki je bila, meni na neljubo, poimenovana avtobiografija. Neljubo zato, ker mi je to enako nesmiselno kot Best of … More Lenoba, valda


  Jesus, is this depression, by any chance? Not having the will to do anything, no matter how fun it used to be? Well, it’s probably not that, because if it were, I would probably still be in my bed or crying in the toilet – the only to places you eventually have to go. … More Ok?!

Clearing a path

I gotta tell ya, I had to cut my way through some thick thorny bushes to finally find my way back to the keyboard. Yes, it’s been a while and it would probably stay that way if there wouldn’t be for a certa reader that actually gives a damn whether I write or not. And … More Clearing a path