Jesus, is this depression, by any chance? Not having the will to do anything, no matter how fun it used to be? Well, it’s probably not that, because if it were, I would probably still be in my bed or crying in the toilet – the only to places you eventually have to go.… More Ok?!

Clearing a path

I gotta tell ya, I had to cut my way through some thick thorny bushes to finally find my way back to the keyboard. Yes, it’s been a while and it would probably stay that way if there wouldn’t be for a certa reader that actually gives a damn whether I write or not. And… More Clearing a path

благодаря (Funky Balkan Expedition part III.)

What are your necessities when you take it to the road? Backpack of clothes and toiletries? Smartphone? Laptop? Money? Charger? Extra shoes? Yeah, I guess those things are at least semi-important. But if there’s one thing a traveller, or, indeed, a person, should never run out of, is gratitude. It’ll get you anywhere or anything… More благодаря (Funky Balkan Expedition part III.)

Intermezzo (Funky Balkan Experience part II/2)

So Curious traveler wrote this post about the Belgrade fortress and figured it might be a nice addition to the whole FBE series. Enjoy😀 ————————— The Kalemegdan fortress is made up of the old citadel and Kalemegdan Park. The park is one of Belgrade’s most important monuments and it is a home to many museums,… More Intermezzo (Funky Balkan Experience part II/2)

Rakija self-service (Funky Balkan Experience part I)

I suppose there’s not a lot of things that could take me from the warm Italian embrace of the woman I’m fond of.  Not many things indeed. But when there’s a roadtrip on the horizon, I get interested. If its the Balkans, which I haven’t explored at all I’m basically decided. But when It’s a… More Rakija self-service (Funky Balkan Experience part I)


Ma v čemu je fora? Ko tkole šetam naokol me folk dostkrat vpraša kolk jezikov govorim. Pa lepo, jasno in resnicoljubno povem: “Angleško obvladam, italijansko še nekak gre pa tud nemško bi se znal marsikaj zment.” Ponavadi potem sledi: “Pa slovensko, ne? Se pravi štiri?” “Emm, ja.” Mislim si pa: “Ja pizda itak, če sem… More Mimgrede